We've been helping our customers sleep better for more than 15 years.

A more sound sleep, without the sound.

By gently opening your nasal passageways, SILENT SNOOZ® allows you to breathe normally through your nose to prevent snoring. 



Proven Relief from Snoring.



"I ordered a Silent Snooz for my husband about two months ago and I was really impressed with the difference it made in his snoring.”

E.S. , Michigan City, Indiana

"You have a wonderful product! My husband and I both feel your Silent Snooz has been a real blessing. I no longer have to be awakened by his snoring and he is refreshed in the morning from a good nights sleep!...”

C.H. , Collinville, Texas

"I am writing to tell you how much your nasal dilator has helped my
husband. He travels a great deal and it has really helped him sleep

N.G. , Timonium, Marlynad


If your snoring has caused you or your loved one to lose a good night's sleep, we have the product for you. The SILENT SNOOZ® is a drug-free alternative to strips and nasal sprays. Most importantly, it works. It promotes free breathing and reduced snoring. This means a better night's sleep for you and your loved one. This product is geared for users who suffer from chronic snoring, and its small size is perfect for someone who travels often. SILENT SNOOZ® is proudly 100% made in the USA at our facility in Glen Head, New York. With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com, we stand behind our product, which is patented and clinically proven.

We've been helping our customers sleep better for more than 15 years.